November 28 - December 31, 2021
Gary Komarin │ Kang Joon-young

Azulejo Gallery will hold a two-person exhibition "PUNCH DRUNK LOVE" by Gary Komarin and Kang Joon-young from November 28 to December 31.

The exhibition is named after Paul Thomas Anderson's film of the same name. Just as the two main characters in the movie "PUNCH DRUNK LOVE," which means "shocking love like a big crush," meet at the center point after twists and turns, this exhibition talks about the intersection of two different artists. "PUNCH DRUNK LOVE" found the intersection of these two artists and organized the exhibition in two parts.

아줄레주 갤러리는 11월 28일부터 12월 31일까지 게리 코마린, 강준영의 2인전 《PUNCH DRUNK LOVE》를 개최합니다.

이번 전시는 폴 토마스 앤더슨 감독의 동명의 영화에서 제목을 따왔습니다. ‘커다란 충격처럼 쇼킹한 사랑’을 뜻하는 영화 《PUNCH DRUNK LOVE》 속 두 주인공들이 우여곡절 끝에 가운데 지점에서 만나듯, 본 전시는 서로 다른 두 예술가의 교차점을 이야기합니다. 《PUNCH DRUNK LOVE》는 이러한 두 예술가의 교집합을 찾아, 두 파트로 전시를 구성하였습니다.

Azuleju Gallery offers a view of the world of Gary Komarin and Kang Joon-young's works through the second half of 2020 special exhibition "PUNCH DRUNK LOVE."

The plot of this exhibition, which takes the title from Paul Thomas Anderson's film of the same name, resembles the plot of the film. The two main characters in the movie "PUNCH DRUNK LOVE," which means "shocking love like a big shock," end up running toward each other and meeting each other halfway through numerous twists and turns. This exhibition talks about the intersection of two different artists, just as two people running from the end meet.

Part 1. In <My Architect: My Architect>, we trace the formal commonalities of the two artists' works. Gary Komarin and Kang Joon-young are the sons of architects, and in their works, you can read their father' The thick plaster seen in Gary Komarin's abstraction and the matier of paint felt in Kang Joon-young's OX series create a feeling like the exterior wall of a painting-stage building. In addition, the architectural drawings and area symbols that can be read in Gary Komarin's CAKE series and Kang Joon-young's drawings piled up like a skyscraper are also representative examples. As such, Part 1 examines the artistic value found in the work of the two artists using the common denominator of their roots, Father.

Part 2. <HOME: House Story> deals with the content intersection of these work worlds. Gary Komarin and Kang Joon-young both reconstruct their memories. In particular, he draws out the happy moments of his childhood and expresses them with a brush above the canvas, sometimes with his fingertips. The memories of both artists begin in an ordinary space called Home. Gary Komarin's CAKE series is a visualization of the aroma and taste of cakes his mother baked at home when he was a boy, and Kang Joon-young's work is also based on personal memories, records, and archiving. You can see how the beginning of childhood memories experienced by two artists of different ages, races, and nationalities were expressed by Kang Joon-young in his 40s and Gary Komarin in his 70s.

As we have seen, the two writers participating in the "PUNCH DRUNK LOVE" exhibition have many intersections. A son of an architect and a contemporary artist who reconstructs childhood memories. This exhibition aims to view the encounter itself as a "shocking love like a big shock." I hope that visitors will also experience "PUNCH DRUNK LOVE" through this exhibition, and it will be a time to comfort ourselves who have spent the past 2020 years.