Azulejo attempts to expand the new content that has been around.

As an art director, Art of Seoyoung(Ringring Partners) has composed all the visual elements of content, including music video, corporate, brand and commercial films of 800 different artists from home and abroad for 15 years. In addition to the production design area, we've done a variety of spectral work that starts with space production, including interior design.

Azulejo Gallery recently completed its opening show, 'ART IS TRASH'. It is also a fresh complex cultural space that can be freely transformed into an exhibition, and can also be used as a brand launching show, invitation, and lecture.

박서영 / 미술감독
Park Seoyoung / Art Director

what we do

Production design
Art directing

Exhibition/gallery space

‘Create a scene of space’ Production design / Art directing

Through experimental production, it creates a music video full of freshness and glamour and a stylish and trendy place in a commercial.

We, a creative director group that directs and consults on a variety of spaces, are expanding the spectrum of work.

‘Communicate by space’ Exhibition

We communicate with the public through experimental and diverse works of art in domestic and abroad. Through this, we introduce new forms of art to the younger generation and create a complex cultural platform that recognizes diversity to the older generation.

We quickly detect and embrace trends and plan programs in a variety of genres, including everyday objects, designs, props, and art-furniture.

‘Share space’ Gallery for rent 

Sharing space and communicating gives us a variety of experiences. In addition, there is a variety of space productions such as exhibitions, performances, and workshops.